Sunday, December 20, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

Meet the Sawyer family who were so generous to open their hearts and home to both Reese and Rachel!

All I want for Christmas I got yesterday. . . .officially every Snooty Giggles Rescue Dog is in it's forever home for the holidays!!!!!!!!! Well, with the exception of Giles, who is feeling much better and has found the glory of a fireplace here at our home, so for now. . .he is where he should be.

So. . .since my doggie wishes came true with a little help from Santa. . .here are the next things on my list:

1. Warm Socks. . .seriously, I think I was the only child that truly enjoyed opening up a box of new socks on Christmas morning and I still love it!!!

2. A New Garbage Can for the Studio....for the life of me I cannot find the dang thing. . .where in the world would a large paint covered garbage can have disappeared to?

3. Lens Covers for my camera. . ..someone should make these disposable because apparently I think they are anyway and then I wouldn't feel so guilty.

4. A Case of Lysol with Bleach Spray Cleaner (the green bottle). . .enough said.

Hmmmm.....looking at that....I'm not a very exciting person, huh? But. . ..easy to please if my husband ever bothered to read my BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Days

Marching homeless dogs in the Liepers Fork Christmas Parade. . .this was all kinds of down home fun!!!!!!

My oh my. . . .December has brought with it all the craziness of the holidays and just a little bit more!!!! Nash, my oldest turned 17!!! Oh man. . .and with him on his new adventure to finish high school a year early so that he can start college in the fall "at sea". . .it has really made me sad. . .thinking that next year he won't be home for Thanksgiving...he won't be home for his 18th birthday....uggghhhh. Why is it that when something is so exciting for our children, we can't help but feel a selfish tug at our heart? Sometimes I feel like I already miss him.
Then. . .the day after Nash's birthday. . .I turned 39!!!!! The last year of my thirties. . . .I can't decide exactly how to embrace this year....with fear or free will. I keep thinking, how will I dress a year from now, when I'm 40 and probably too old for leggings and cowboy boots?....what will I do with my hair....will I be way past a pony tail? I then I wonder....what does it say about me that these are things I fear with my 40's? I think I have severe Peter Pan syndrome!!!!!

At the shelter pulling dogs ready for the journey "home".

AND THEN. . . .to make it all go away. . ..we rescued dogs. . ..that will take your mind off of anything!!!! A trip to Bowling Green in the cold rain to bring back some pooches that couldn't wait to get to a forever home. . .ahhhhhhhh... .now I am at peace again. Because these dogs. ..honestly, they could care less about what I'm wearing or how my hair looks. . .they are just so blatantly happy to have been saved I could be in a clown costume and they would never utter a negative word!!!!

Sheila was a bit afraid of being in the crate for the ride back.

The trips home are always interesting. . .this time Michele made it with me, always nice to have a buddy along. You never know who is going to be okay in a crate. . .who is going to cry....who is going to get car sick. ..or who thinks they should be driving down I-65 instead of you!!!! Luckily, no one got sick and most were content to just hang in their crates and sleep through the journey...except Oscar. Oscar is an amazing Pomeranian who Michele described as "entitled". I'm not sure how this guy ended up homeless because he had obviously been spoiled and well taken care of. . .his manners were impeccable, his heart huge. . .his car etiquette had been serioulsy entertained before as he was quite certain that A. We had made a huge mistake in crating him because B. His steering skills were quite superior to my own!!!!

Giles before his trip to the "spa".
Everyone has been placed in a forever home with the exception of Giles. . .Giles was a senior silky terrier mix who had bad teeth, bad cataracts and was completely deaf. He had been infested with fleas, needed a good grooming, and was very thin. However, he is the epitome of sweetness, wanting nothing more than to be with his human...but, Giles has been very sick since he got home with an upper respiratory infection. I feel like he has started to turn a slow corner, but hopefully will be well soon and we can search for his forever family. Should the perfect family not be found then Giles will spend his golden years with us and that will be just fine. It is hard with the seniors. Most people don't want the hassle of possible medical issues nor do they want to think about the short time they may have with a new pet in his/her elder years. ..but I think senior dogs are the best dogs of all. They are so happy and content to just have a warm spot to sleep, someone who cares enough to make sure they can chew their meals. . .and a soft touch to let them know you are there.
They adapt so easily to their "disabilities". Though Giles cannot hear a thing, he manages just fine. . .his sight is nowhere near perfect, but he never bumps into a single thing and still enjoys watching the other dogs out the window while perched on the arm of the couch. . .I think that what saddens me the most about Giles is that he is truly missing something. ..and I know what that something is. Giles is missing his "little boy". Somewhere along the way Giles was the companion to a young boy. . .I know this because the only time he has truly perked up since he has been sick is when Gabriel comes to visit. Gabriel is the 10 year old son of our dear friends Montie and Sallee. . .and somehow this deaf and blind dog knows when Gab has entered our home and will come immediately to him. For those moments. . .Giles is a puppy again, playing with Gab in a way that we just can't get him to do with us. ..not even my sons (who are both teenagers). It is so odd for a senior dog, especially in his condition to react this way to a child. fears, no intimidation. ..just sheer faith in the scent of a little boy.

So. . . .there we have it!!!! It's mid December and the craziness is just beginning to wage a war against my heart and my head!!!! But, I have so many new ideas for the new year. . .in art, in business, in dog rescue. . . I can't wait to get started and that is what is going to get me through the insanity of the holidays!!!!

Peace and Puppies Y'all!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Look Who's Coming for Thanksgiving Dinner!!! I'd like for everyone to meet Snurt!!! Snurt was sitting in a shelter for several months with no hopes for adoption, but we changed that and decided to bring her "home for the holidays"! Who knows what all is in Snurt's DNA. ..I definitely see a little Pekignese, but my oh my. ..what else? Some Doxie, some Bassett. . ..I don't know, but it's all kinds of good and silly that's for sure. She is about 3 years old and is just settling in here, so I don't know much about her personality yet, but I think she is destined to be a Diva!!!!! Hopefully over the weekend we will get to know her better so that we can find her a forever home in time for Christmas!
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. I will be enjoying the Feast, as my son's have always called it, with my parents, brother, nieces and nephews (along with my crew). . .and all the family dogs and cats. We are fortunate to live close together so travel is limited to a 10 minute car ride. ..we feast, we clean, then we head back home. . .easy breezy!!!
Much love and blessings to you all!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Black Dog

Those of you who know me well know that I always present the happy side of rescue. . .not the sad stories, but the happy endings. But today, my heart is broken and I just have to tell it like it is.

Meet Moose. Moose was really just " a big black dog", but my rescue friend Valerie gave him a name, even though she hadn't even met him. . .she gave him a name because he deserved it.

Moose was an old man. . .around 10, who found himself in a local shelter. He was old and missing lots of hair from fleas. Unlike many shelter dogs, Moose didn't seem sad. I'm guessing that's because the shelter was probably the best place Moose had ever been.

A kind and caring volunteer called me to see if I could help Moose. The shelter was too crowded to even put Moose up for adoption because they had "younger, cuter, more adoptable dogs already waiting for space in the adoption runs". . .Moose didn't have a chance in hell. Moose was big and old, a mutt of mutts, and his hair was in bad shape. . . .why would anyone want that when they could adopt a young, cute little fluff ball . . .why even try right?

Well, Valerie and I tried. Money wasn't the issue, the issue was where could he go during the interim. Valerie has her fosters, I have mine. . .neither one of us have a "quarantine" option where Moose could be outside/inside. But, we tried. . .we tried to find someplace temporary to buy him some time until we could figure it out. But we failed. And tonight, an old dog that still had a lot of love to give, still had a smile and a wag for anyone he met, a dog that thought the shelter might just be the best place he had ever been because maybe it truly was. . . .that dog died on a stainless steel table all alone, with no one who gave a damn holding him tight. . .no one to whisper in his ear that they were sorry and that it would be okay. No one.

And it's killing me.

Moose is not the only old dog that died today all alone on a cold steel table. Thousands of dogs with similar stories, all across our country have joined him on the other side of the rainbow bridge on this very day. Old dogs that no one wants. Old dogs whose joints are a little stiff, eyes are a little blurry, and well, they may only hear what they want to.. . .but they are amazing nonetheless. They are truly the bottom of the barrel in the world of rescue and I cannot stand the thought of an old dog that still has not given up hope dying with no one.

Take the time to say a little "something" out loud or in your heart for all the dogs that died today because they were simply "unadoptable". . .may they find the peace they so deserve.

Monday, November 16, 2009

IT'S OVER!!!!!

It's over and it was successful and we (meaning my family) survived it all!!!!!!!! Oh man, thanks to everyone for making the Holiday Open House for Silo Studios such a success. I can't imagine that it could have been any better!!! Okay, I probably could have made about 100 more Christmas Lazy Susans.. . .or 60 more pieces of tin yard art (constructed from the tin from the barn that was once where my house is!). . .but, all in was a huge success!

Fun Ornaments for your tree or anytime of year for anyplace you want!!!!

It was so much fun to take this old mirror and make a functional piece of furniture with it!!!!! It reminded me of something from Alice and Wonderland, so we titled it the Cheshire Chest. . .I keep thinking when I look in it I'm going to see a grinning cat looking back at me!!!

I'm going to have to build myself one these guys. . .fun and convenient!!!!

These All Lit Up Coffee Tables really did light things up!!!!! A great glow for a nightime showing!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Working on some new ideas for holiday ornaments. . .wouldn't work around here if it wasn't a dog or a mermaid!!!!

I can't believe it!!!! My new website is finally up. . .much more grown up, just like me (not)!!!!!!!! I'm so excited because now I will be able to manage it myself and keep my customers updated. . .AND IT WILL FORCE ME TO MAINTAIN MY BLOG!!!!!!!! And. . .soon, you will be able to do a little shopping right there in your home!!!! Same address ( Different look!!!!!

Busy, busy, busy it has been and now it is time to get ready for the Holiday Open House!!! I couldn't get in the mood, but now the temps have plumetted and apparently the sun is never, ever, ever, coming out AGAIN!!!! So, it feels a bit like Christmastime around here!!!

There is a new addition to the family, and no it isn't a dog (though, I'm sure that will change soon as it looks like Maisie might have a forever home!). . .it's my grand niece (I'm not really that old, but my siblings are much older!). Her name is Kimber Capri and she is quite honestly the most beautiful little girl I have ever had the pleasure of holding in my arms. Sweet cheeks, all ruby red and covered in peach fuzz. . .oh. . .she is simply delicious!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Why My Customers Should Not Leave Furniture Here To Be Picked Up At A Later Date

I was so proud of this groovy 1952 two piece modular sofa that I found at the the flea market. . . .
Both pieces looked like this one before Billabong discovered it in the driveway. . . .thank goodness it was going to be re-upholstered anyway. . .

Unlike this piece which had already been re-upholstered and as ironic as it seems. . .I was at the fabric store when Billabong decided to have his way with it. . . .

Originally it was in great shape like it's stronger companion.

Sometimes words just can't explain things. . .

Friday, August 14, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah Y'all

Yeah. . .I know. . .let's not even go there. . .let's just pretend I haven't ignored my blog for oh, I don't know. . .over a month.. . .AGAIN.


* I guess a couple of shows have come and gone. . .they have been amazing and this last one absolutely CLEANED ME OUT!!!! I'm so excited to start from scratch and create all new goodies for the next one, especially since it's the Halloween show and I love Halloween!!!!
It was so crazy for last week's show that I forgot to take pictures. . .this is one that I took after this new piece was finished. . .we converted an old science lab cabinet into "Professor Doodles Cabinet"!!!

* The summer is definitely almost over because my garden is slowing down and we find ourselves eating more Fried Green Tomatoes than red ones. And yes, I did just spell that with capital letters. . .I'm that Southern.

*Since my last blog we have been honored by the presence of two wonderful homeless dogs. Miss Ruby was an elderly (think 18-20 years old) chihuahua that I ran across at a shelter in our region. She was terminally ill with congestive heart failure and riddled with arthritis, but she showed no signs of pain and had a stronger will to live than any creature I have ever met. I knew when I brought her home that she wouldn't have long. . .and it was 10 days exactly that I was blessed to have her in my arms and my life. . .she will forever be in my heart. This experience was the most moving that I have had in rescue. For 10 days she rallied. . .she rode with the top down over and over, she went to the flea market two days in a row, she played like she thought she was a puppy, and she absolutely stole the heart of every person that she met. When Miss Ruby died we went once more around with the top down. . .listening to a little John Mellencamp before burying her along side Sidalee and Buster T Calhoun.
You can't really tell here, but this is Miss Ruby riding in the car with the top down. . .she had a little giraffe print bed to keep her comfy cozy!

This past weekend I brought home another senior dog. . .but, this one, hopefully, with many good years to come. Bacco was an 11 year old English Lab who had been abandoned by the family that had owned him since puppyhood. . .such a sad story, but it ended with the graciousness of Tad and Ingrid who took him to their amazing farm where he will live his golden years as every Lab should!!!!
Yay Bacco!!!!!

*Oh. . .we went to the beach. . .such a nice get away. Great house, great water, great company with all three of my guys. . .much needed and appreciated by all.
The boys were able to get some small scale sailing in while we were at the beach. . .I can't believe they are so grown up.

*And then I find myself here today. . .the flea market is back this weekend, the boys have started school. . .everyone is in high school now which officially makes me old as hell (did anyone notice that I put the flea market in front of my boys?? That's just wrong). . . .it seems that everything moves in a constant circle doesn't it?
This isn't at this month's flea market. . .I'm cheating a bit.. .but this was a flea market a month or so back and I couldn't believe the luck I had finding this giant A.. . .it could only have been better if it were an "S".

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Words to Live By. . . ..

This will be a brief blog. . ..but wanted to share some words of wisdom. I am a lover of words.. ..can't get enough of them, love quotes, love cliches. . . .love sarcasm, love humor. . .but what I love most is when someone dear to me says something that makes me think, makes me giggle, gives me chills. . .I love words that cause me to react. . .so I thought I would share some words of wisdom that have caught my attention lately. . .some of them are certainly not "original", but for some reason finally have meaning to me. Here we go:

"Remember to swim only with your left arm. The sharks won't get you if you aren't using your right arm." my father's last statement to my boys before they left for their sailing trip.. . .this being much more useful than when he told me when I was little to always remember that racoon poop is red. Don't ask, you really don't want to go there.

"Sometimes you just can't get there from here." yes, I've certainly heard this one before, but it had little meaning until my sister used it this week when discussing our national state of economic distress. . .and now that I think about it, these words can apply to so many situations.. .and sometimes be humorous when I use them talking to my dogs!!!!

"Have you ever thought if you had chicken for lunch and then chicken for dinner if the chickens knew each other?" my husband use to say this all the time when we were dating. . .I think it was a nervous filler when he couldn't think of anything else to say. . .but occasionally when we are having long distance conversations while he is at work. ..these little words of wisdom come out and give me the giggles because I know it's just his way of trying to stay on the phone a little bit longer, even though we've already discussed everything possible.

I would love to add pictures to this post so that you might see the loves of my life and put a face to their words, but for some reason, I'm unable to add pictures to my blogs today. . .anyone else having this trouble or know maybe how I can fix it?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who Would Have Thought?

Today as I prepared to start painting and distressing the furniture for this month's show. . . .something wierd came over me. . .a need for a change. . .just this once, something a little different. Now I really like to pride myself on how the show is always new, new furniture, new ideas, new little goodies here and there. . .but one thing remains the same. . .COLOR. . .I am always full of bright bright colors. PINKS, GREENS, YELLOWS, AND BLUES. . . that scream of tropical getaways. But, not this morning. . .for some reason this morning I needed to step back and revisit the colors of French country cottages that I have loved my whole life. . .I needed to go vintage. So, I hit the paint store. Now normally I like to use OOps Paint and gather paint from the Habitat For Humanity store. . .but sometimes, you just gotta do what is driving you. . .and I needed vintage colors.. . .so I dug around in my box of paint chips and narrowed it down to 22. . . .uggghhh. . .can't spend that kind of money on paint. . .so I made a deal with myself. . .I agreed that I would try 11 new (but old) colors for this show. . .and if they go over well. ..I will treat myself to the other 11 afterwards!!! I like making deals with me. . .so much better than making deals with my husband!

Here is a sneak peak at the colors that will premiere during the July Show. . . wish them luck!!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Play Day

Fun Bag Tags. . .this one made especially for me. . .surely one day soon I will get to make a trip to the beach!!!

So. . . .I took the advice that I give to all of my art buddies and had a play day!!! Wanted to mess around with some little stuff that I could use all of these paper scraps for that are gathering like ants in my mailbox (seriously, that happened a few weeks ago. . .wasn't pretty. . .many members of that army died during battle. . .which occured in the middle of the road when they eagerly attacked me while I innocently tried to retrieve my mail).
Notepads made out of left over papers and chipboard. . .add a dash of scrap fibers and how freakin' cute is that!!!!!!!

So. . . these are some of the goodies that I threw together for the "idea basket", which is sometimes also known as the trash can.
Bookmarks. . .there are still people out there that read "real" books aren't there?

Lots and lots of fun bag tags. . .for you, the kids, the dogs. . .whoever needs a cute claim to their goods. . .I think these are perfect.

Also, I can easily personalize the backs with contact information for special orders.
Hopefully tomorrow will bring more playtime. . .I had a great day. . .and my scrap pile just got smaller. . .always a good thing.
Only one week and two days until my boys come home. . .can't wait to lay my eyes on them, I know they are having a blast, but it sure is quiet around here!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

That is the absolute last time that I will jinx myself by proclaiming that my computer was fixed. . .so, enough said, I don't want to talk about Idgie (that is now my computer's name, I'm trying to make her my friend so that she will be kinder to me) anymore. . .for fear she might rear her moody attitude!!!!!!

Again, a lot has happened. . . .the dogs have been through some serious training and are doing much better. . .the boys are on a diving trip for several weeks and I'm dealing with my first empty nest issues. . .and of course the creating continues!!!!!

I hit the flea market today. . . .so much junk . . .it was hard to make decisions and not just go rent a big truck to haul the whole lot off with!!!!! However, for fear of Patrick's reaction I tamed myself and spun in a circle and just pointed!!!!! Can't wait to see what comes next in the process. . ..

I'm uber excited about the potential of some of my flea market finds today!!!! I'll post after pictures, well, after I guess!!!

The June show was wonderful. After the article that ran in the Tennessean we had an amazing turnout despite the tornado warnings!!!!! Lots of new friends were made and everyone seemed to leave with some goodies and a smile!!!

I'm really enjoying mixing up my bright and fun colors with some rustic and naturally aged pieces.
Happy shoppers abound. ..even if they were soaking wet!
Got to get to work. . .but I promise. . .as long as Idgie will let me. . .I'll be back to my regular blogs!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Apologies. . .Please

I cannot believe that it has been well. . . .2 months basically since I've been able to blog. And actually. . .it's been basically un-avoidable. . .my computer crashed. . .then barely got it running before the show. . .then realized after the show that most of my stuff was missing from my newly refurbished computer. . .then came the next show. . .and now, finally, I think I have everything running well enough that I can actually BLOG!!!!!!! So let's get to it!! Because SO MUCH has happened that I hardly know where to start!!!

FIRST AND FOREMOST. . . . .drumroll please. . . . .I GOT A CONVERTIBLE MINI COOPER!!!!!!!!!!! It's hot chocolate and absolutely the most perfect little piece of machinery in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pictures later. . .it needs a bath!

Lots of gorgeous blooms that made it through the heavy rains. ..the catmint is always one of my favorites.

So, it's been an interesting spring around here. . .naturally speaking. We've had a ton of rain (seriously, it seems to never stop. . .I'm fairly certain that moss is going to start growing on the slate floors in my house). . . the flowers haven't been great, we lost a lot to the slugs and wind-burn this winter. . .but I'm still so proud of them and Patrick for taking such amazing care of them.

Lots of babies being born around here. . .rabbits, deer, robins. . .and kestrels (falcons)!!! Yes, falcons nested in a hole that a woodpecker had made in the top of the silo and had 5 babies. It was so cool. The skies were too grey against the wood of the silo to get good pictures.. .but we've had so much fun watching them. Always cool to see mamas and daddies in nature work so hard to feed and care for their young. . .sometimes I think they are smarter than most human parents.

Turtle. . .turtle. . . .turtle
Then just this week a snapping turtle of some size was working it's way through the pasture only to run into 5 hysterically barking dogs. I knew the dogs wouldn't hurt it, but I couldn't bare the thought of them making it crazy and slowing down his journey from point a to point b, so I had the boys (carefully) pick him up and move him to the creek via a box. . . .now I'm worried that maybe that isn't where he wanted to go and what if we just confused him or made his travels even longer?

A lot of new product has come and gone from the studio. The May 2nd Anniversary show was stellar. . .lots of new customers and plenty of old favorites. I was really proud of so many of the new pieces that truly were one of kind and unlike anything we have ever done. The new t-shirts were a hit as well and I will keep them stocked for the summer shows.

Hard to get the whole idea in a picture, but I loved the way this daybed and arbor fell together for a great screened in porch get away. . .almost wishing now that I hadn't sold it!

When I broke my foot I spent one whole day weaving clearance fibers through this discarded bird cage. . .made bird tags with stamps, old book pages, and a little glitter. . .but had to rely on Hannah to tie those suckers in there when my patience was shot, but I needed to finish the piece. One of my best and first customers. ..Little Miss Suzie took this piece home with her. . .I know birds will be forever happy!
Charter, my youngest, has left middle school behind and will be a high-schooler next year. I can't believe it. . .I never thought I would sound so old when I said "it's all gone by so fast". . .but it has and I feel like I just want to stop this summer from progressing at all.. .just keep my boys, "my boys", for one more year.

Charter and Joe (best buddies since they were in 3rd grade)

It won't be long before Finn is old enough for us to safely bring in new fosters. I've missed that part of rescue for the last few months. I love to do transports and pulls and home visits. . .but I love really making a difference by bringing a dog in and nurturing it until it is ready to go to it's forever home, most of all. I say all of this knowing that it will be longer than the 16 week mark. . . FINN IS POSSIBLY THE WORST PUPPY IN THE WORLD. . .I am going to have to get him through this stage before introducing a strange dog to him. . .I don't want it to rub off on anyone else!!!
In the last 48 hours I've lost 1 book, 2 pieces of furniture, random plants and flowers,1 painting. . .and possibly my ACL to this precious guy!!!! He looks sweet and innocent here. . .curled up in a Silo Studios dog bed. . .with his big piece of driftwood that he so cleverly robbed from me that I couldn't take it away from him. . . .
My. . .that was a lot of information, huh? Two months is too long.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Few of My Favs from Last Week's Show

So Happy I was that last week's show was such a wonderful success! Thanks to all of you guys for coming out and allowing me to bring a little bit of silliness into your home. It was a lovely frenzy of color in the first hour and you guys picked this place over like a piece of fried catfish!!!!! Too much fun, but man Ellen, Kasey, and I were absolutely exhausted by the time it was finished. Sorry guys. . .I couldn't have done it without you, though!

Wanted to make it a regular thing to post some of my favorite pieces from the shows on the blog the week after. . .so here they are:

I love this dog bed with it's wonderful red!!! We make the dog beds out of various things. For the small storybook beds we use chairs that have seen their final days as seating and take the backs and the legs to make the headboards and footposts. This one is what I consider a throne and these are generally made from dresser mirror frames that no longer have a dresser to call home! I just love the great salmon-ie red color and the recycled pillow sham screams summer fun!

This petite side table is one of my all time favorite "make it work" finds. It wasn't in desperate shape. . .it just needed a little love, and when that is the case I like to salvage it instead of taking it apart. . .give it a little more life, if you will. What was so wonderful about it (aside from the amazing lines and the strong heavy wood) was that when we sanded it down and got the grimy icky scummy top layer off of it . . .it was an amazing blue that you couldn't make happen if you tried. ..perfectly imperfect!

The "girl in a frame". . .was a new little hint of art that I worked on for the show. I got to piddle with a new style of painting and I had such fun.

This isn't necessarily a new piece, just a new idea for an old favorite. I adore old ladders and the endless possibilities that they possess. You can use them in the bathroom for towels. . .in a reading room for magazines. . .by the pool or at the lake house for beach towels. They work great braced over two anchoring pieces to create an arbor for hanging plants and candle chandeliers. ..I could go on FOREVER. But, this month my mother found these crazy little buckets (at a dollar store no less) with hooks that were so dang precious. At first I couldn't really decide what to do with them, but the ladder was perfect because the buckets hang beautifully and work great for holding flip flops and sunscreen or even some herbs.
Just a little peek of what I loved. . .hope everyone who snagged something, whether it was a Mother's Day Card or an Armoire. . .took it home, talked to it for a second and made it part of something special!!!
Have a good one!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I can't believe that I haven't posted in almost two weeks.

I can't believe that the April show has already come and gone and now it's time to get ready for the May Show our 2nd Anniversary of Silo Studios' Studio Thursdays.

I can't believe that in one month my dog family has grown from 3 to 5.

I can't believe that two days ago it was sunny warm and beautiful and today it is cold and dreary .

I can't believe that my son is "working" today.

I can't believe that there is no Diamond Glaze to be found in a 60 mile radius.

I can't believe that I actually just put on leg warmers with my spring ensemble because I was too damn cold and stubborn to change clothes.

I can't believe that in a month my baby will be 14.

I can't believe that tonight I will be putting together Easter baskets without silly string and play dough. . .they have been replaced with i-pod gift cards and fishing lures.

I can't believe that I'm watching the very first episode of Sex and the City and enjoying it like I did the very first time even though I know how it all ends.

I can't believe that I finally got the nail out of my tire and that I know it will only happen again soon. . .nature of the beast when you build furniture in your garage.

I can't believe that I finally watched Marley and Me and didn't cry as much as I did when I read the book.

I can't believe that there are only 2 more pieces of furniture that need to be picked up by their "forever homes" this weekend.

I can't believe that I actually just drew a blank on what to write next. . .must be time to stop.

Say Hello to Finn. . .our latest canine addition to the family. precious is that!!!! Should have named him Elvis, though. . .he truly thinks he is The King.

Billabong. ..who was mentioned in an earlier post as "Nobody's Dog". . . .is most definitely now "Someone's Special's Dog". . .he is ours. We found a home for him with the help of another rescue friend who places large breed dogs in the New England area. . .but we couldn't do it. We couldn't bare the thought of him travelling for two days in a crate knowing how bad he hates being in one. So, apparently we also couldn't bare the thought of him leaving at all and so now he is ours. He is a sweetheart of a guy. A true rescue who doesn't want to "mess up a good thing". . .he is humble and grateful for any kind gesture.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Doesn't Take Much To Make Me Happy

So, somedays are better than others, but today was one of those days when the tiniest things just made me giggle!!!! Seriously. ...

  • the first little great thing that happened today...COSTCO, with my husband. We never get to do anything together and I'm always doing those tedious errands by myself. It was bliss and I want to do it again next weekend.

  • great little thing #2. . . .on Friday my mom had a cat cry at her office door, she opened the door, said cat came in, crawled under her desk, and proceeded to successfully deliver 5 kittens. And though it is sad that she is a homeless kitty with 5 kittens and no daddy to speak of. . .oh, the preciousness of a mama cat loving her babies and trying to do what is right?? That my friends, is a priceless quite giggle and I got to go over today and see that mama and her babies snuggling and cuddling like they knew they'd hit the lottery. Spread the word my friends, in about 6 weeks all these guys are going to need forever homes.

  • #3 of the little things. . . Pledge has come out with new Multi-Surface Cleaner. Now, I loved the original, but this one rocks to the next degree. It is in an aerosol can (yeah, I'm all about the environment, but it isn't hairspray people). . .it smells good, it cleans great on all my surfaces, it's not watery. . .no streaking. . .it's the bomb man.

  • and last of the little things that made me happy today (drum roll please). . . .SPRING SCARVES!!!!!! Whoever came up with this is my hero of the day. I love scarves and to think that now I can wear them FOREVER. . .oh, it almost leaves me speechless. I have found many many wonderful spring scarves at Target and TJ Maxx. . .lovely colors and fabrics and great prices, so I don't care if I get paint on them in the studio. I wore my first one today. . .couldn't stand it. Granted I had to wear a sweater and my very fake Costco Uggs. . .but I wore the scarf!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rainbows and Tornados

Funny how what is going on outside my studio effects what is going on inside. If it's rainy and icky outside you can bet I can't get a thing done. . .if it's sunny I just can't stop. Today was such a crazy mix in Middle TN. At one point we had a rainbow on one side of the pasture and what looked like the perfect sky for a funnel cloud to pop out of on the other. And then, my husband noticed behind us that it was raining on the other side of the silo and high in the sky it looked liked glitter falling down. Oh.. didn't even seem real. Totally reminded me of the Twilight book series. For those of you who haven't read them, instead of the sun setting the vampires on fire.. . .it makes their skin sparkle like glitter. Much more romantic than bursting into flames.

This sky was so spooky. You could watch
the clouds just spinning in cirlces over
your head.

And so. . .my work in the studio followed suit. Usually I focus on one "thing" a day. . .but today, I was all over the place, spinning like the clouds. Painting, cutting, pasting, sanding, sealing, stamping. . .and every now and then, there was glitter involved!!!!!!!

I think today I had the most fun just making these little guys for my herb garden. . . .scrap metal that was a crumpled mess and headed for recycling got it's own second chance in life here as markers for my herbs.

A little scrap wire, beads that didn't seem to belong anywhere, crumpled thin sheet metal. . .and a pencil. . .BAMMM. . .big fun for me!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Day

Today the sun actually came out after a night of amazing rain. It sounded so crazy on the tin roof that I kept thinking the dogs were running up and down the steps. ..but it was the rain. Every drop must have been a different size to make all of those amazing sounds.

And the grass is crazy green.. .or the weeds, but I don't care because it's GREEN!!!! Seriously, did you hear me say green? Funny how when the grass is so freshly green, the sky seems much more blue. . .and the barn behind me just intensely red. . . .color, color, color. . . I LOVE IT.

And it makes me want to play. So today I gathered scrap and made these silly little scrap shacks and slapped some happy color on them. . . .LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM. It would be so "suessy" to have a whole wall full full of them. Funny how the simple little things can sometimes be the most precious to me.