Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Words to Live By. . . ..

This will be a brief blog. . ..but wanted to share some words of wisdom. I am a lover of words.. ..can't get enough of them, love quotes, love cliches. . . .love sarcasm, love humor. . .but what I love most is when someone dear to me says something that makes me think, makes me giggle, gives me chills. . .I love words that cause me to react. . .so I thought I would share some words of wisdom that have caught my attention lately. . .some of them are certainly not "original", but for some reason finally have meaning to me. Here we go:

"Remember to swim only with your left arm. The sharks won't get you if you aren't using your right arm." my father's last statement to my boys before they left for their sailing trip.. . .this being much more useful than when he told me when I was little to always remember that racoon poop is red. Don't ask, you really don't want to go there.

"Sometimes you just can't get there from here." yes, I've certainly heard this one before, but it had little meaning until my sister used it this week when discussing our national state of economic distress. . .and now that I think about it, these words can apply to so many situations.. .and sometimes be humorous when I use them talking to my dogs!!!!

"Have you ever thought if you had chicken for lunch and then chicken for dinner if the chickens knew each other?" my husband use to say this all the time when we were dating. . .I think it was a nervous filler when he couldn't think of anything else to say. . .but occasionally when we are having long distance conversations while he is at work. ..these little words of wisdom come out and give me the giggles because I know it's just his way of trying to stay on the phone a little bit longer, even though we've already discussed everything possible.

I would love to add pictures to this post so that you might see the loves of my life and put a face to their words, but for some reason, I'm unable to add pictures to my blogs today. . .anyone else having this trouble or know maybe how I can fix it?


Kerri Jean said...

I am a word-lover too. great post. My sister's latest little piece of wisdom, when someone in her office was annoying her -- "I try to be a good person, but people make it so hard." I thought this would make a great t-shirt. Your store has me thinking I want to toss my dog in the car and take a road trip out west to shop.

ineedatruck said...

Dogs are always welcome. . ..sometimes moreso than people!!!!!!!