Sunday, March 29, 2009

Doesn't Take Much To Make Me Happy

So, somedays are better than others, but today was one of those days when the tiniest things just made me giggle!!!! Seriously. ...

  • the first little great thing that happened today...COSTCO, with my husband. We never get to do anything together and I'm always doing those tedious errands by myself. It was bliss and I want to do it again next weekend.

  • great little thing #2. . . .on Friday my mom had a cat cry at her office door, she opened the door, said cat came in, crawled under her desk, and proceeded to successfully deliver 5 kittens. And though it is sad that she is a homeless kitty with 5 kittens and no daddy to speak of. . .oh, the preciousness of a mama cat loving her babies and trying to do what is right?? That my friends, is a priceless quite giggle and I got to go over today and see that mama and her babies snuggling and cuddling like they knew they'd hit the lottery. Spread the word my friends, in about 6 weeks all these guys are going to need forever homes.

  • #3 of the little things. . . Pledge has come out with new Multi-Surface Cleaner. Now, I loved the original, but this one rocks to the next degree. It is in an aerosol can (yeah, I'm all about the environment, but it isn't hairspray people). . .it smells good, it cleans great on all my surfaces, it's not watery. . .no streaking. . .it's the bomb man.

  • and last of the little things that made me happy today (drum roll please). . . .SPRING SCARVES!!!!!! Whoever came up with this is my hero of the day. I love scarves and to think that now I can wear them FOREVER. . .oh, it almost leaves me speechless. I have found many many wonderful spring scarves at Target and TJ Maxx. . .lovely colors and fabrics and great prices, so I don't care if I get paint on them in the studio. I wore my first one today. . .couldn't stand it. Granted I had to wear a sweater and my very fake Costco Uggs. . .but I wore the scarf!

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Anonymous said...

I love these helpful spring we're sitting down for coffee together. Spring scarves are truly a reason to celebrate!

Here's to you and your guy spending more time together.....COSCO or anywhere!