Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rainbows and Tornados

Funny how what is going on outside my studio effects what is going on inside. If it's rainy and icky outside you can bet I can't get a thing done. . .if it's sunny I just can't stop. Today was such a crazy mix in Middle TN. At one point we had a rainbow on one side of the pasture and what looked like the perfect sky for a funnel cloud to pop out of on the other. And then, my husband noticed behind us that it was raining on the other side of the silo and high in the sky it looked liked glitter falling down. Oh.. didn't even seem real. Totally reminded me of the Twilight book series. For those of you who haven't read them, instead of the sun setting the vampires on fire.. . .it makes their skin sparkle like glitter. Much more romantic than bursting into flames.

This sky was so spooky. You could watch
the clouds just spinning in cirlces over
your head.

And so. . .my work in the studio followed suit. Usually I focus on one "thing" a day. . .but today, I was all over the place, spinning like the clouds. Painting, cutting, pasting, sanding, sealing, stamping. . .and every now and then, there was glitter involved!!!!!!!

I think today I had the most fun just making these little guys for my herb garden. . . .scrap metal that was a crumpled mess and headed for recycling got it's own second chance in life here as markers for my herbs.

A little scrap wire, beads that didn't seem to belong anywhere, crumpled thin sheet metal. . .and a pencil. . .BAMMM. . .big fun for me!!!


Karen Creel said...

Shawn, I was wondering about you last night. Glenn said there was touchdown near Franklin. What is it with that area???? We had warnings, and rumblings but that is all

Still Waters Studio said...

We had the scary clouds too.