Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Few of My Favs from Last Week's Show

So Happy I was that last week's show was such a wonderful success! Thanks to all of you guys for coming out and allowing me to bring a little bit of silliness into your home. It was a lovely frenzy of color in the first hour and you guys picked this place over like a piece of fried catfish!!!!! Too much fun, but man Ellen, Kasey, and I were absolutely exhausted by the time it was finished. Sorry guys. . .I couldn't have done it without you, though!

Wanted to make it a regular thing to post some of my favorite pieces from the shows on the blog the week after. . .so here they are:

I love this dog bed with it's wonderful red!!! We make the dog beds out of various things. For the small storybook beds we use chairs that have seen their final days as seating and take the backs and the legs to make the headboards and footposts. This one is what I consider a throne and these are generally made from dresser mirror frames that no longer have a dresser to call home! I just love the great salmon-ie red color and the recycled pillow sham screams summer fun!

This petite side table is one of my all time favorite "make it work" finds. It wasn't in desperate shape. . .it just needed a little love, and when that is the case I like to salvage it instead of taking it apart. . .give it a little more life, if you will. What was so wonderful about it (aside from the amazing lines and the strong heavy wood) was that when we sanded it down and got the grimy icky scummy top layer off of it . . .it was an amazing blue that you couldn't make happen if you tried. ..perfectly imperfect!

The "girl in a frame". . .was a new little hint of art that I worked on for the show. I got to piddle with a new style of painting and I had such fun.

This isn't necessarily a new piece, just a new idea for an old favorite. I adore old ladders and the endless possibilities that they possess. You can use them in the bathroom for towels. . .in a reading room for magazines. . .by the pool or at the lake house for beach towels. They work great braced over two anchoring pieces to create an arbor for hanging plants and candle chandeliers. ..I could go on FOREVER. But, this month my mother found these crazy little buckets (at a dollar store no less) with hooks that were so dang precious. At first I couldn't really decide what to do with them, but the ladder was perfect because the buckets hang beautifully and work great for holding flip flops and sunscreen or even some herbs.
Just a little peek of what I loved. . .hope everyone who snagged something, whether it was a Mother's Day Card or an Armoire. . .took it home, talked to it for a second and made it part of something special!!!
Have a good one!

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Kerri Jean said...

I wish your studio was just a short drive away. I'd love to visit it in person. Great stuff. I love the way you re-work all those treasures