Friday, August 14, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah Y'all

Yeah. . .I know. . .let's not even go there. . .let's just pretend I haven't ignored my blog for oh, I don't know. . .over a month.. . .AGAIN.


* I guess a couple of shows have come and gone. . .they have been amazing and this last one absolutely CLEANED ME OUT!!!! I'm so excited to start from scratch and create all new goodies for the next one, especially since it's the Halloween show and I love Halloween!!!!
It was so crazy for last week's show that I forgot to take pictures. . .this is one that I took after this new piece was finished. . .we converted an old science lab cabinet into "Professor Doodles Cabinet"!!!

* The summer is definitely almost over because my garden is slowing down and we find ourselves eating more Fried Green Tomatoes than red ones. And yes, I did just spell that with capital letters. . .I'm that Southern.

*Since my last blog we have been honored by the presence of two wonderful homeless dogs. Miss Ruby was an elderly (think 18-20 years old) chihuahua that I ran across at a shelter in our region. She was terminally ill with congestive heart failure and riddled with arthritis, but she showed no signs of pain and had a stronger will to live than any creature I have ever met. I knew when I brought her home that she wouldn't have long. . .and it was 10 days exactly that I was blessed to have her in my arms and my life. . .she will forever be in my heart. This experience was the most moving that I have had in rescue. For 10 days she rallied. . .she rode with the top down over and over, she went to the flea market two days in a row, she played like she thought she was a puppy, and she absolutely stole the heart of every person that she met. When Miss Ruby died we went once more around with the top down. . .listening to a little John Mellencamp before burying her along side Sidalee and Buster T Calhoun.
You can't really tell here, but this is Miss Ruby riding in the car with the top down. . .she had a little giraffe print bed to keep her comfy cozy!

This past weekend I brought home another senior dog. . .but, this one, hopefully, with many good years to come. Bacco was an 11 year old English Lab who had been abandoned by the family that had owned him since puppyhood. . .such a sad story, but it ended with the graciousness of Tad and Ingrid who took him to their amazing farm where he will live his golden years as every Lab should!!!!
Yay Bacco!!!!!

*Oh. . .we went to the beach. . .such a nice get away. Great house, great water, great company with all three of my guys. . .much needed and appreciated by all.
The boys were able to get some small scale sailing in while we were at the beach. . .I can't believe they are so grown up.

*And then I find myself here today. . .the flea market is back this weekend, the boys have started school. . .everyone is in high school now which officially makes me old as hell (did anyone notice that I put the flea market in front of my boys?? That's just wrong). . . .it seems that everything moves in a constant circle doesn't it?
This isn't at this month's flea market. . .I'm cheating a bit.. .but this was a flea market a month or so back and I couldn't believe the luck I had finding this giant A.. . .it could only have been better if it were an "S".

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Still Waters Studio said...

What are you going to do about Billabong?! As if the other dogs and chew toys aren't enough to keep him from being bored...or is he just teething? He's such a sweetheart though.
I'm glad to see that Tad and Ingrid took Bacco. That will be a great home for him.
Great post. I can't wait to see how the sofa looks when it is done. I might have to buy it.