Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

That is the absolute last time that I will jinx myself by proclaiming that my computer was fixed. . .so, enough said, I don't want to talk about Idgie (that is now my computer's name, I'm trying to make her my friend so that she will be kinder to me) anymore. . .for fear she might rear her moody attitude!!!!!!

Again, a lot has happened. . . .the dogs have been through some serious training and are doing much better. . .the boys are on a diving trip for several weeks and I'm dealing with my first empty nest issues. . .and of course the creating continues!!!!!

I hit the flea market today. . . .so much junk . . .it was hard to make decisions and not just go rent a big truck to haul the whole lot off with!!!!! However, for fear of Patrick's reaction I tamed myself and spun in a circle and just pointed!!!!! Can't wait to see what comes next in the process. . ..

I'm uber excited about the potential of some of my flea market finds today!!!! I'll post after pictures, well, after I guess!!!

The June show was wonderful. After the article that ran in the Tennessean we had an amazing turnout despite the tornado warnings!!!!! Lots of new friends were made and everyone seemed to leave with some goodies and a smile!!!

I'm really enjoying mixing up my bright and fun colors with some rustic and naturally aged pieces.
Happy shoppers abound. ..even if they were soaking wet!
Got to get to work. . .but I promise. . .as long as Idgie will let me. . .I'll be back to my regular blogs!!!!

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