Sunday, December 20, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

Meet the Sawyer family who were so generous to open their hearts and home to both Reese and Rachel!

All I want for Christmas I got yesterday. . . .officially every Snooty Giggles Rescue Dog is in it's forever home for the holidays!!!!!!!!! Well, with the exception of Giles, who is feeling much better and has found the glory of a fireplace here at our home, so for now. . .he is where he should be.

So. . .since my doggie wishes came true with a little help from Santa. . .here are the next things on my list:

1. Warm Socks. . .seriously, I think I was the only child that truly enjoyed opening up a box of new socks on Christmas morning and I still love it!!!

2. A New Garbage Can for the Studio....for the life of me I cannot find the dang thing. . .where in the world would a large paint covered garbage can have disappeared to?

3. Lens Covers for my camera. . ..someone should make these disposable because apparently I think they are anyway and then I wouldn't feel so guilty.

4. A Case of Lysol with Bleach Spray Cleaner (the green bottle). . .enough said.

Hmmmm.....looking at that....I'm not a very exciting person, huh? But. . ..easy to please if my husband ever bothered to read my BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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