Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who Would Have Thought?

Today as I prepared to start painting and distressing the furniture for this month's show. . . .something wierd came over me. . .a need for a change. . .just this once, something a little different. Now I really like to pride myself on how the show is always new, new furniture, new ideas, new little goodies here and there. . .but one thing remains the same. . .COLOR. . .I am always full of bright bright colors. PINKS, GREENS, YELLOWS, AND BLUES. . . that scream of tropical getaways. But, not this morning. . .for some reason this morning I needed to step back and revisit the colors of French country cottages that I have loved my whole life. . .I needed to go vintage. So, I hit the paint store. Now normally I like to use OOps Paint and gather paint from the Habitat For Humanity store. . .but sometimes, you just gotta do what is driving you. . .and I needed vintage colors.. . .so I dug around in my box of paint chips and narrowed it down to 22. . . .uggghhh. . .can't spend that kind of money on paint. . .so I made a deal with myself. . .I agreed that I would try 11 new (but old) colors for this show. . .and if they go over well. ..I will treat myself to the other 11 afterwards!!! I like making deals with me. . .so much better than making deals with my husband!

Here is a sneak peak at the colors that will premiere during the July Show. . . wish them luck!!!!


sallee said...

Good luck!! And you KNOW, the show will be great!!!

Brenda said...

Please,please,please--when is the July show--details please--it's my birthday month and I need to buy something!