Saturday, April 11, 2009


I can't believe that I haven't posted in almost two weeks.

I can't believe that the April show has already come and gone and now it's time to get ready for the May Show our 2nd Anniversary of Silo Studios' Studio Thursdays.

I can't believe that in one month my dog family has grown from 3 to 5.

I can't believe that two days ago it was sunny warm and beautiful and today it is cold and dreary .

I can't believe that my son is "working" today.

I can't believe that there is no Diamond Glaze to be found in a 60 mile radius.

I can't believe that I actually just put on leg warmers with my spring ensemble because I was too damn cold and stubborn to change clothes.

I can't believe that in a month my baby will be 14.

I can't believe that tonight I will be putting together Easter baskets without silly string and play dough. . .they have been replaced with i-pod gift cards and fishing lures.

I can't believe that I'm watching the very first episode of Sex and the City and enjoying it like I did the very first time even though I know how it all ends.

I can't believe that I finally got the nail out of my tire and that I know it will only happen again soon. . .nature of the beast when you build furniture in your garage.

I can't believe that I finally watched Marley and Me and didn't cry as much as I did when I read the book.

I can't believe that there are only 2 more pieces of furniture that need to be picked up by their "forever homes" this weekend.

I can't believe that I actually just drew a blank on what to write next. . .must be time to stop.

Say Hello to Finn. . .our latest canine addition to the family. precious is that!!!! Should have named him Elvis, though. . .he truly thinks he is The King.

Billabong. ..who was mentioned in an earlier post as "Nobody's Dog". . . .is most definitely now "Someone's Special's Dog". . .he is ours. We found a home for him with the help of another rescue friend who places large breed dogs in the New England area. . .but we couldn't do it. We couldn't bare the thought of him travelling for two days in a crate knowing how bad he hates being in one. So, apparently we also couldn't bare the thought of him leaving at all and so now he is ours. He is a sweetheart of a guy. A true rescue who doesn't want to "mess up a good thing". . .he is humble and grateful for any kind gesture.

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