Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Apologies. . .Please

I cannot believe that it has been well. . . .2 months basically since I've been able to blog. And actually. . .it's been basically un-avoidable. . .my computer crashed. . .then barely got it running before the show. . .then realized after the show that most of my stuff was missing from my newly refurbished computer. . .then came the next show. . .and now, finally, I think I have everything running well enough that I can actually BLOG!!!!!!! So let's get to it!! Because SO MUCH has happened that I hardly know where to start!!!

FIRST AND FOREMOST. . . . .drumroll please. . . . .I GOT A CONVERTIBLE MINI COOPER!!!!!!!!!!! It's hot chocolate and absolutely the most perfect little piece of machinery in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pictures later. . .it needs a bath!

Lots of gorgeous blooms that made it through the heavy rains. ..the catmint is always one of my favorites.

So, it's been an interesting spring around here. . .naturally speaking. We've had a ton of rain (seriously, it seems to never stop. . .I'm fairly certain that moss is going to start growing on the slate floors in my house). . . the flowers haven't been great, we lost a lot to the slugs and wind-burn this winter. . .but I'm still so proud of them and Patrick for taking such amazing care of them.

Lots of babies being born around here. . .rabbits, deer, robins. . .and kestrels (falcons)!!! Yes, falcons nested in a hole that a woodpecker had made in the top of the silo and had 5 babies. It was so cool. The skies were too grey against the wood of the silo to get good pictures.. .but we've had so much fun watching them. Always cool to see mamas and daddies in nature work so hard to feed and care for their young. . .sometimes I think they are smarter than most human parents.

Turtle. . .turtle. . . .turtle
Then just this week a snapping turtle of some size was working it's way through the pasture only to run into 5 hysterically barking dogs. I knew the dogs wouldn't hurt it, but I couldn't bare the thought of them making it crazy and slowing down his journey from point a to point b, so I had the boys (carefully) pick him up and move him to the creek via a box. . . .now I'm worried that maybe that isn't where he wanted to go and what if we just confused him or made his travels even longer?

A lot of new product has come and gone from the studio. The May 2nd Anniversary show was stellar. . .lots of new customers and plenty of old favorites. I was really proud of so many of the new pieces that truly were one of kind and unlike anything we have ever done. The new t-shirts were a hit as well and I will keep them stocked for the summer shows.

Hard to get the whole idea in a picture, but I loved the way this daybed and arbor fell together for a great screened in porch get away. . .almost wishing now that I hadn't sold it!

When I broke my foot I spent one whole day weaving clearance fibers through this discarded bird cage. . .made bird tags with stamps, old book pages, and a little glitter. . .but had to rely on Hannah to tie those suckers in there when my patience was shot, but I needed to finish the piece. One of my best and first customers. ..Little Miss Suzie took this piece home with her. . .I know birds will be forever happy!
Charter, my youngest, has left middle school behind and will be a high-schooler next year. I can't believe it. . .I never thought I would sound so old when I said "it's all gone by so fast". . .but it has and I feel like I just want to stop this summer from progressing at all.. .just keep my boys, "my boys", for one more year.

Charter and Joe (best buddies since they were in 3rd grade)

It won't be long before Finn is old enough for us to safely bring in new fosters. I've missed that part of rescue for the last few months. I love to do transports and pulls and home visits. . .but I love really making a difference by bringing a dog in and nurturing it until it is ready to go to it's forever home, most of all. I say all of this knowing that it will be longer than the 16 week mark. . . FINN IS POSSIBLY THE WORST PUPPY IN THE WORLD. . .I am going to have to get him through this stage before introducing a strange dog to him. . .I don't want it to rub off on anyone else!!!
In the last 48 hours I've lost 1 book, 2 pieces of furniture, random plants and flowers,1 painting. . .and possibly my ACL to this precious guy!!!! He looks sweet and innocent here. . .curled up in a Silo Studios dog bed. . .with his big piece of driftwood that he so cleverly robbed from me that I couldn't take it away from him. . . .
My. . .that was a lot of information, huh? Two months is too long.


Still Waters Studio said...

Wow, a lot has been going on!
Charter looks so much like his dad in that picture. I hadn't noticed it so much before.
I guess I'll be seeing you next week. Hopefully I'll have a creative flow between now and then.

Brenda said...

Hi Shawn--
I love that I found you--via the piece today in the Tennessean! I too am a self-taught mixed media artist and live around the corner from you! I would love to come to your next sale and see all of your wonderful creations...and maybe we could get together and do art together some day--I am always looking for someone close to play art with!
hugs for now!
Brenda Bliss

Kerri Jean said...

So glad you're back Shawn. Your blog effuses with all of your obvious creative energy. Your garden is gorgeous!!!!