Saturday, June 27, 2009

Play Day

Fun Bag Tags. . .this one made especially for me. . .surely one day soon I will get to make a trip to the beach!!!

So. . . .I took the advice that I give to all of my art buddies and had a play day!!! Wanted to mess around with some little stuff that I could use all of these paper scraps for that are gathering like ants in my mailbox (seriously, that happened a few weeks ago. . .wasn't pretty. . .many members of that army died during battle. . .which occured in the middle of the road when they eagerly attacked me while I innocently tried to retrieve my mail).
Notepads made out of left over papers and chipboard. . .add a dash of scrap fibers and how freakin' cute is that!!!!!!!

So. . . these are some of the goodies that I threw together for the "idea basket", which is sometimes also known as the trash can.
Bookmarks. . .there are still people out there that read "real" books aren't there?

Lots and lots of fun bag tags. . .for you, the kids, the dogs. . .whoever needs a cute claim to their goods. . .I think these are perfect.

Also, I can easily personalize the backs with contact information for special orders.
Hopefully tomorrow will bring more playtime. . .I had a great day. . .and my scrap pile just got smaller. . .always a good thing.
Only one week and two days until my boys come home. . .can't wait to lay my eyes on them, I know they are having a blast, but it sure is quiet around here!!!

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Still Waters Studio said...

Love your play day tags! Maybe we could have a play day next week on Mon. or Tues.
My niece Aurelia is visiting from Paris. Maybe she could play too.