Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

Finished Furniture For the March Show A Salvaged Plant Stand and a Child's Bench made from an Old Iron Bed and Old Table Leaves. . .both in my favorite shades of pink and green!

With only one true work week to go until the March Studio Thursday. . .it's getting down to the nitty gritty!!!!! Sometimes I get frustrated because I have a million and one ideas that I never get to before a show and I always feel like I'm not "finished". Whether it's a great furniture idea or just a cool new saying. . .there is always something that doesn't get done. I just have to say No Problem. . .there is always next month. However, this time. . .I forgot about Easter products falling under the March show. . .so. . .I feel like the Easter Bunny trying to get the eggs decorated before the big day!!!!!! I love it this way though. . .I love the chaos and the crunch! So, if you ever hear me complain. . .understand that those are words of love!

The Lazy Susans Don't Look Like Much in Their Early Stages. . .but they will be full of color and charisma before the show.

Sometimes I Just Need to Paint Lots and Lots of Bright Colors. . . .these are clothespins on their way to being something cooler than just a clothespin!!!

I NEED SPRING. . .WHAT ABOUT YOU? I'm absolutely craving color. This weekend's snow was so beautiful. . .but snow is white and I need YELLOW, PINK, AND GREEN!!!!! So I found myself just throwing color on anything that would stand still!!!!!! My mom has always said that if sits too long in my house it will eventually get painted!!! In fact, she used to say that she didn't want to waste money on a fancy casket, so would we please just put her in a pine box. . .well, now she is so worried that I'll paint it that she has declared that she would like her body to go to science. I swear she means it!!

Meet Bon Temps. . .he pretty much spends his time in this position. . .or the trash can!!!!

Our latest foster, Bon Temps, will be leaving soon for Maryville, TN. He is a wonderful Basset that was in pretty bad shape when he came to us. But he is now eating good food, gaining weight, and starting to find his voice again (in that crazy hound way!) I think he has been one of our favorites. ..lazy and laid back. . .a real lover. He will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say, My fave so far may just be the clothes pins! How cool!!! Can't wait to see what they turn into.....

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I love the bench and the stand! The colors are remarkable.

Still Waters Studio said...

I'm ready for spring and color too.
I like your mom's idea about the pine box. I have always said that they should just get me a plain casket when I die and put out some spray paint, markers, pictures and glue and let everyone decorate it. Wouldn't that be a cool way to go in style?
I hope I get to meet Bon Temps before he leaves.