Friday, March 13, 2009

The Show Must Go On

Hmmmm.. .nothing like living in Middle Tennessee where it can be sunny and 80 degrees on one day and freezing rain and sleet the next. . .but, the show must go on and so it did. Studio Thursday clients proved their dedication, turned their noses up to the weather, slipped on their rubber boots and came anyway!!!! Thanks so much to those of you who fall into that category you really made me feel like a million bucks yesterday when I thought for sure that the day would be a total loss!

I'd like to take today's blog and recognize a special group of customers. Well, all of my customers are special and I look forward to seeing everyone of you each month. . .and you know, I miss you when you aren't here and worry what has happened and will often send an email just to make sure that everything is okay. . .but, today I'd like to place tiaras on the heads of 4 women who are the epitome of dedicated Studio Thursday shoppers. Rain, sleet or snow, they are here. . .and if one of them isn't, I know something is wrong (or they are still at the lake house). This group of women are who I want to be when I grow up. .. .they are full of smiles and giggles, compliments and evil one liners (my favs), they have embraced their empty nests and when they walk in the door they can turn a cold icy day into the warmest sunniest spot in the world!!!! First there is Betsy, probably my oldest and most dedicated "client", as well as my biggest fan (outside of my family. . .but she was the first member of my studio family). . .she is funny and loving and precious in every way. . .and I discovered yesterday. . .she's a hell of a dancer and I'm going to have to hit a dance floor with her sometime! Next there is Jonelle. . .honestly, the complete sweetie of the bunch (sorry guys, but you know she is). She has a precious grandbaby that they are all so proud of and she often accompanies them to the show, another doll baby just like her grandmama! Then there is Kim. . .a beautiful blonde who knows what she wants and when she wants it. She is strong and proud, quick witted and loving all in one. And last but not least. . .Mary Ruth, the group clown. Never a dull moment and I always have to keep my eyes and ears open because I just don't know what she is going to do or say next. . .which I love and appreciate. Each one of them is special and completely individual. . .but as a group they are WHOLE and I hope that I am as blessed when my boys grow up and move away to have such an amazing group of friends to share all my best moments. CHEERS TO MY MERMAIDS, Y'ALL!!!

Bon Temps enjoyed his one and only Studio Thursday. He will be leaving this weekend for his forever home. But the dog center we had built was his favorite resting spot for sure!!! I hated for him to get the bed dirty, but at least it showed people that dogs really do love the product!!!! I think it's because it kind of creates a protective "den". . . .

So, my favorite piece from this month's show was a great little sunburnt sideboard. I was shocked because I thought for sure it would be the first thing to go. . .but no, it wasn't until one of my really dedicated customers, Meredith, came in later in the day that it found it's forever home. ..and then of course, once it's marked sold. . .Everyone wants it!!!! Thanks Meredith. . .I love knowing that my furniture is going to a great home.

See for me, my furniture and my art.. .well, they are kind of like my fosters. Every piece has a little bit of my blood, sweat, and tears. . .a lot of love and passion. . .and a good time was sure to be had creating it. . .so, I want them to be just as loved and appreciated when they leave here. The same for my rescues. . .all I want is for someone to love them as much as I do because I know how wonderfully unique each one is.


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