Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There Will Be No Pictures Today

Today I broke the heart of one of my best friends.  I did it in a jealous bitchy moment with an accidental click of an email.  So, today it's not about the art and it's not about the animals. . .it's about "sistahs".

The crazy thing about friends is that we all have our quirks and itches and for me those are things that I love and embrace.  I like knowing people so well that I know those little things. ..and they make me laugh and sometimes they make me crazy, but they always keep me "real".   There is no such thing as perfection in this world, certainly not in people. . .and that is an amazing thing to me.  I consider myself blessed to have a handful of truly unconditional friends. . .and right now my hand feels lighter.

So tonight. ..go to bed with your hands full. . .don't let little stuff get in the way.. . .don't be petty and jealous. . .think before you speak (and type). . .be okay with apologizing. . .accept apologies when you know they are genuine. . .and pray that tomorrow she still loves you for who you are.


Karen said...

Been there done that. But usually with family. But in the end, we love them, they love us, we forgive, and are forgiven.
It will be okay

Anonymous said...

Many of us have had that "cringe" moment, and been the recipient of it too. I really can't think of one person who hasn't had a bad day and spoken (or clicked) before she meant to.
All you can do is honestly apologize and hope that Friendship prevails.
Man, life can be SUCH a roller coaster ride....

Kerri Jean said...

Your blog is sooo alive, I feel like you just jump through cyberspace right into the room. Please keep blogging when you can. Don't feel obliged to do it all the time, but you have so much life and spirit to offer!!! Your silo house is sooo great.