Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nobody's Dog

It is a rainy rainy morning. . .and yesterday, when it was so cold and rainy a sweet little puppy found his way into my arms. Well, maybe you can't call him little, but he is sweet. He appears to be about 3 months old(hasn't lost his baby teeth, yet) and he already weighs 21 lbs!!! With his true double dew claws he obviously has some Great Pyrenees in him. . .but, his short coat and black markings have us completely bewildered.

After a spit bath and a good towel dry. ..some water, food, and a warm place to sleep.. .he woke up this morning a normal puppy. nothing bad had ever happened in his life. Which made me realize that my fav dog man, Cesar Milan, is right when he says that dogs live in the moment. Last night he was cold, hungry and a little bit leery of the world. . .today, he is playing with Hoot and Tallulah like he's known them his whole life. . .he rests in a comfy bed as if it is the ground he is accustomed to. . .and he lays in my arms and soaks up all the love I can give him like he expects nothing less.

So, I've thought about it and just for a week. ..I'm going to think like Nobody's Dog. I'm going to wake up every morning and embrace it as a new day. No matter what might have happened the day before, or even minutes before I fell alseep. ..I'm starting every day from scratch. I want to see how hard it is to put a day behind you and really focus on the now. . .I don't want to be Nobody's Dog, but I think I can learn a lot from him.

And. . .know that he is no longer Nobody's Dog. . .for now he is Billabong and we will make him feel like he is Someone Really Special's Dog. . .because soon, when we find him a forever home, he will be.

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