Sunday, February 15, 2009

There is Such a Thing as Too Much Spare Time

Okay. . .so I can't exactly figure out how to put these pictures where I want them. . .but, here are the pics that I refer to in the last paragraph of my first day blogging!!! I'll get the hang of it soon. . .or I'll call a friend for help! I

This is the picture of Dudley that I also can't get with the paragraph I intended. read on!!!!

Oh My Gosh!!!! All three of my guys have been gone since Friday morning and I think I'm about to go nuts. . .and it isn't just that I miss them. . .I just don't know what to do with all of this free time. What will I ever do when they go off to college. . .I'll definitely have to rescue more dogs. . .puppies I think.
I thought I would get so much done in the studio. . .but not really. I've piddled with some ideas, but not the mass outpour of product that I thought would happen. I'm such a crunch time girl. And I've discovered that I'm the slob. ..not my 16 year old. There is no one here but me and yet the place is trashed. . .go figure. . .

Our new foster, Dudley, is trying to find his place here. But, I think he knows that it's only temporary. . .he doesn't seem to want to "unpack" all his stuff. He's a good guy though, with his big goofy ears, just hope he gets a forever home soon so he can start his life.

So. . .a couple of weeks ago, my new friend Sherry came over to play in my studio and we goofed off making some belt-buckles. I had so much fun and this weekend when I couldn't decide what to do, I thought I'd play with a few more.'s a gander at a few of my favorites.
I think maybe this is enough for day one. . .since I'm getting frustrated with my photoraphs and their placement. . .plus, My Big Love BFF is coming over for Sunday nite HBO so we can be in awe of Juniper Creek together!!!!!

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