Thursday, February 19, 2009

Have you ever really had the time of your life?

I love milk glass. . .thought since I also love letters and symbols I'd add some to these pieces and see how it came out. . . .what a great way to spell out what's on your mind!!!!

More clipboards for my shoppers!!!

New big art for the next show, full of great spring color!!!!! Some new ideas, some old favorites.

So. . .heard this line on a movie the other night and couldn't help but think. . .Have I ever really had the time of my life? I mean. . .I can think of so many great times that I have been blessed with. . .but is there just one that is the ultimate. . .I mean THE TIME? Everyday seems like such a great time for me. . .I'm in the studio. . .doing what I love, surrounded by all my animals. . .in a wonderful home. . .talking on the phone to great friends. . .fixing dinner for my boys. . .maybe I'm blessed that everyday is THE TIME OF MY LIFE? Is that possible? Just something to think about.

I've been lazy in the studio today. The peer pressure from my friends to get on facebook finally got to me and I had to do it. . .then I just got so busy with it that before I knew it. . ..mid-day had come upon me and I was hungry!!!!!!

However, I've done some playing. . .I'll try to post my pictures appropriately, but assuming that doesn't happen. . .whoever might read this will figure it all out!!!!

And oh. . ..Dudley has a home!!!!! He will be going to a wonderful horse farm in Chattanooga to be a companion to an older man and his family. Tomorrow we will say goodbye and he will be on his way to his forever home. . ..Yay for Dudley!!!!!!

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